Art in architecture


Buildings built on the projects of the bureau are often born in the fight against restrictions – architects are inspired by work with difficulties. The result of a creative search within the limits specified by technical conditions, urban planning standards, budget, and the form of the site are original copyright decisions.

Architecture is at the intersection of pure creativity, high art and applied craft. And as in any kind of art, each creation is a victory over difficulties. The task of the architect is to see in the limitations the possibilities, to perceive them as a kind of challenge, which contributes to the search for innovative ideas and extraordinary solutions.

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1. The more complex the constraints, the more interesting the result

Architects and designers have been wondering for many years about the optimal size of housing, ergonomics and functionality. With high levels of urbanization and scarcity of land resources, designers are increasingly thinking about reducing living space without losing quality and saving natural resources.

2. There is a call in each project

Severe restrictions also have to be encountered in the reconstruction of buildings. What is reconstruction? This is a struggle with raw data, which can be quite complex. Initially, the architect is limited by strict set conditions in which he creates something completely new – completely changes the “insides,” engineering, facades, clears the space and fills it with new functions and meanings.

The limitations we work with most often are:

  • Combining homes and public communications
  • Style, height, design constraints
  • Special architectural calculations
Incredible architecture and exquisite forms
Example of the arrangement of a public building