Fremer Architects

Blacksmith film special effects production

The “Filmwave Facade” project redefines the visual identity of a film production company’s building by dynamically enveloping it in a continuous, undulating corrugated panel. This innovative design unifies the entire structure, evoking the essence of film and motion. A defining feature of the “Filmwave Facade” is the uninterrupted corrugated panel that envelops the entire building. This panel undulates and curves organically, reminiscent of the rhythmic motion of film reels in motion. It serves as a unifying element, seamlessly connecting all sides of the building while infusing dynamism into its architecture. The corrugated panel is designed to create dynamic contours and play with light and shadow, giving the facade a sense of movement and depth. The undulating surface produces a visually captivating effect, further reinforcing the connection to the world of cinema, where motion is paramount. A minimalist white color palette dominates the facade. This choice symbolizes purity and the blank canvas of creativity, allowing the architectural form to take center stage. The white version accentuates the play of light and shadow on the dynamic surface. To enhance the dynamic nature of the facade, combined with the use of projectors, can be programmed to create mesmerizing visual effects, making the building come alive at night and giving it a cinematic aura. The result is an iconic architectural statement that not only celebrates the company’s cinematic endeavors but also becomes a symbol of its creative and dynamic spirit.

Client: Blacksmith
Typology: Commercial
Size M2/FT2: 370/4,000
Status: Concept