Fremer Architects

Los Angeles Mission
College Student
Services Center

LA Mission College Student Services Center will headquarter all Student and Administrative Services. The upper floor will include faculty administrative services and a new suite for the College President.
HHFA developed program criteria utilizing advanced technologies, and collaborative workshops allowing over 12 departmental groups to communicate the varied needs of the students and faculty they serve. Requirements, synthesized into test-fit and inter-departmental adjacency diagrams, data sheets, and detailed space summaries, address unique challenges of serving a diverse student population, as well as adapting space as technology improves service delivery. HHFA’s team analyzed unique site and climate challenges in Sylmar to develop responsive sustainable building performance strategies, detailing requirements for LEED Platinum Certification.

Client: Los Angeles Mission Collage
Typology: Educational
Size M2/FT2: 5,550/60,000
Status: Concept